Mount Ararat: From legends to trekking routes

Mount Ararat (Agri Dagi) is Turkey’s highest mountain with the altitude of 5137 meters. The mountain, which had previously been in military status, was declared a national park in year 2004. The legend of Noah’s Ark makes Mount Ararat, which is an extinct volcano, a unique place. Torah says “In the seventh month, on the seventeenth day, the ark sat on the Ararat mountains” for Noah’s story. Unlike the Christian and Jewish sacred books, it is stated in Qur’an that the Ark of Noah sat on Mount Cudi.

Another important feature of Mount Ararat is that it is one of the most important national symbols of Armenians.

Mount Ararat remained under rule of Russia from 1828 until 1918. In 1918, the independent Armenian Republic became the owner of the region. But this did not last long. Troops of Turkey under Ankara Government took Agri city and the region in 1921. Representatives of Vladimir Lenin and Mustafa Kemal signed the Treaty of Kars and Mount Ararat became a part of modern Turkey.


To climb Mount Ararat, you need permissions from the Governorship of Dogubayazit county. There are four summits that are over 3000 meters high in the region: Buyuk Agri Summit (The Great Ararat, 5137 meters), Suphan Summit (4058 meters), Kuçuk Agri Summit (The Little Ararat, 3896 meters) and Tendurek Summit (3533 meters). The slopes of these peaks are covered with rocks and lava flows, which are the results of ancient volcanic eruptions. The region is home to many birds and wildflowers as well as small lakes. Mount Ararat walking routes include the mentioned four summits as well as the Fish Lake and the Cube Lake roots.

Agri region was once a part of the glorious Urartu Kingdom. The Ishak Pasha Palace, which was dated to 17th century, is also expected to be discovered by nature and history enthusiasts among the snowy peaks.

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