Eastern city of Van will surprise you

Van, one of the most interesting cities in Eastern Anatolia, is inundated with Iranian tourists. That’s because the city is very close to Iranian border, has many bars and unexpected night life. There are countless experiences awaiting you in the region, which is also a historic center for Armenian culture

Lake Van, has the distinction of being Turkey’s largest lake. Vanians call the lake “Van Sea”. The Akktamar Island in the lake and the Akktamar Church on the island are of great importance for the Armenians. Turkey’s highest mountain Mount Ararat, another Armenian national symbol, can also be seen from Van.

Places to see in Van are usually around the city center. The best is to rent a car to travel more easily both in the city and the environs. There are scheduled flights from major cities of Turkey to Van Ferit Melen Airport. The city is quite far to go by coach busses.


Certainly among the most beautiful castles in Turkey. It is possible to observe the city and Van Lake from both sides of the castle which is erected in a very steep way. There’s a cheap entrance fee.

Van Castle


The ferries linking the eastern and western extremities of Lake Van depart from here. Trucks and freight trains coming from Iran often use these ferries. There are cafes around. Good to spend a nice afternoon.


Van breakfast is very famous. But we can say that it is a bit exaggerated. Both in terms of price and content. It is also possible to make some kind of a Van breakfast yourself by buying local cheeses and muffins.


One of the most important places to be seen in Van is the Akhtamar Island and the Akhtamar Church, which are once the most important religious centers of the Armenians. Read a detailed article about Akhtamar on Sphere Magazine by clicking here.

Akhtamar Island on Van Lake and the church


Van cats are famous. It’s a special kind of cat unique to the area. Each of their eyes have different colors.

Van University has built a “cat house” for the protection of these noble cats. It is also possible to buy a Van cat for a certain fee.


It’s interesting to find a colorful nightlife at such an eastern location in Turkey. There are many bars and restaurants in the city center of Van. It is possible to listen to live music and consume alcoholic drinks. Finding such places and close location to the border, Van is a major destination Iranian tourists.

Van has a surprising night life


One of the few things you can find gastronomically unique in Van is the pearl mullet. This fish, which grows in the surrounding rivers, is served in many restaurants in the city.


This is the cheese that gives Van breakfast its character. Travelling to Van, it’s a must to taste this local flavor.

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