Excavations: One of the oldest churches of Anatolia found in Hadrianaupolis, Karabuk

During excavations in ancient city of Hadrianaupolis in northern Turkey’s Karabuk province, one of Anatolia’s oldest churches found. The church seems to be 1500 years old.

Dr. Ersin Celikbas from Karabuk University leads the excavations. He said, “Although we revealed a small section at the moment, we can point to the middle of the 5th century AD due to data we have obtained. When we look at Anatolian church architecture, we can say that it reflects one of the early churches. It is is known that Stylos Alpius lived around Karabuk area. We are concerned about the possibility that the monasteries founded by Alpius are also to be found in this region.”

Hadrianaupolis is one of the important stoppages of the Black Sea trade route in connection with the port of Amasra in the fifth and sixth centuries. From this date it is estimated that the churches in the region have started to be established.

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