A hidden and forgotten monastery in Nigde

Nigde is a city of its own in the central part of Anatolia. Despite its proximity to Cappadocia, it does not take enough interest of tourists. However, an attraction in Nigde causes attention to be turned into this spot: The Monastery of Gumusler.

There are many ancient religious sites of importance in the history of Christianity in Central Anatolia and this monastery is one of them.

The monastery is in the town of Gumusler. Carved into a large rock mass probably in 11th century, it is in good condition.

Gumusler Monastery has an “open courtyard” structure. The most important part of the monastery is the church in the northern part. It is thought that at least three different masters worked for church’s wall paintings. In the main section, paintings of Jesus on the throne, two angels, symbols of apostles, Virgin Mary, the Great Basileios of Kayseri, Gregorios of Nysa and Gregorios of Nazians can be seen.

In another picture, there is a composition composed of various animals and hunting scenes that are not seen in Cappadocia region.

Looking at all this, it is possible to date Monastery of Gumusler to 11th or 12th centuries.

Gumusler Monastery is located about 9 km from the center of Nigde. It is best to rent a car or take a cab.

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