Didim Vegan Fest – A great time and a great occasion to visit Apollo Temple

Last year n April, the resort town of Didim in southwestern Aydin city was announced as Turkey’s debut “vegan-friendly city.” Supporting this initiative, Didim Vegen Fest will be organized on 20-23 April, 2018 with a large scale of activities

In vegan-friendly cities, concrete steps are taken to make vegan and vegetarian menus more common and local producers are becoming more conscious on this subject. This April, Didim will house a Vegan Festival that will be packed with vegan and vegetarian activists and food companies, featuring some of the best food, experts, clothing, and other vegan goodies guests can find.

Didm’s Mayor, Deniz Atabay said the Aegean Region of Turkey is very generous in terms of nutritional diversity in historical sense. Giving information about Didim Vegan Fest, Atabay stated as follows:

Didim is a tourism city and the vegan culture here is mature and traditionalized. The number of participants contributing to the festival is significantly high. We expect a much higher participation at the festival to be organized this year. The panellars to be organized will draw attention to the issues of animal rights, exploitation and exploitation over animals. Especially the young people are happy with the festival and volunteering to contribute. I personally love to work with the soil and to be in harmony with nature. Important panelists, renowned artists, breathing exercises, and many more surprises are waiting for the participation of thousands of people. A workshop, which aims to overcome animal love for children, will take part also.

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