Tuna Arsay: “Cars are alive, talking, telling you stories…”


Humans should have passions… They should create spaces in which the glamour of the world can be caught. Some choose to create this space in today’s time, some in the past. Tuna Arsay, one of Turkey’s most important classic car collectors, choose the past to find the magic. Arsay founded “Klakson Rent A Classic” three years ago and started renting classic cars that she has in her collection. Moving from “Happiest is the one who gives happiness” principle, Arsay told about the magical world of classical cars for Sphere readers.

Mrs. Arsay, how did the idea about the establishment of “Klakson Rent A Classic” come about?

I’m collecting classic cars for about 25 years. Over time, the idea of ​​turning this hobby into work was revealed. I think enjoying the job you do is one of the formulas of lifetime happiness. Thus, this idea was formed as Klakson Rent A Classic three years ago.

Who rent these cars and for what purpose?

Although Klakson’s customer base is in a niche market, I can say that it covers a very wide spectrum. Of course, our most active customers are couples who started the marriage adventure and want to make this start unforgettable. Motion picture and media production are also sectors we often serve. Students who want to make a difference in the graduation ceremony, birthday surprises, circumcision ceremonies, marriage proposals are also taking place with the testimony of our automobiles. Klakson Rent A Classic also provides venue for Turkey’s biggest productions. TV series “Cesur ve Guzel” and “Cukur” use venues in Klakson’s portfolio.

I guess it is not easy to hand over the cars that you dote upon to people…

For me, the golden rule of life is “Happiest is the one who gives happiness.” We give our customers happiness and to see them using our cars gives us happiness. On the other hand, we give our classic cars to rent with drivers and VIP-trained transfer officers. This is more comfortable for the person who rents and as well as for us serving our mission. Also customers who want to drive themselves can have this experience with accompany of our transfer officers.

Yet, Turkey did not produce its own car except the legend of “Devrim” (The Revolution) cars. Despite this, there is a considerable interest in the country in the classic cars. How do you interpret this matter?

I think that car’s invention was one of the most important keystones in history of humanity and this invention lead greatest progress ever seen. This invention, which changed the world from its base, cannot be monopolized by countries. Today, classic cars are world heritage. So you do not have to have to produce them in order to love, understand and protect the classical automobiles. Besides, Devrim (Revolution) cars were a genuine revolution and they are very important heritages to future generations. In addition to being automobile, they contain many principles as well.

What is the feeling that a classic car arouses in you? In other words, I’m asking the feeling that you can find in classic cars that the rest of the world cannot offer you…

I am interested in everything that is old; an old phonograph record, a cuckoo clock, a washing machine, a hat, a heating pathet… But it is not possible to collect all of them. I choose the classic cars as they meet this vision of mine both visually, mechanically and experimentally. To explain this more clearly; I cannot experience any other objects I am curious about and I cannot fully control it except classic cars. Cars are alive, talking, telling you stories. They are my oldest friends whom I can feel the past and live together.

Which model do you like most in your collection? And why?

This question came just in time, because my answer would be different 2-3 months ago. In fact, it is very difficult to distinguish between them because their features, experiences, languages and even genders are different. But the 1963 Volkswagen Samba T1 Bus takes the first place among my favorites. I personally have been involved in its restoration for the past two years and I have dreamed of it for a very long time. I think that everyone can understand this, “the Hippies smiley van” is my number one.

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