CoCo Tour offers Indian couples a “fantastic wedding in Turkey”

Being a highly experienced company in organizing weddings and events, CoCo Tour and invite Indian young lovers to say “I do” in unique atmosphere of Turkish Riviera

Comfort Congress Tourism, better known as CoCo Tour has been a very successful company in organizing weddings and events for years. Together with , CoCo Tour perfectly organizes the most magnificent weddings in the unique atmosphere of the Mediterranean. CoCo Tour Chairman Semra Surucuoglu invites Indian couples to have their unforgettable wedding in Turkey.

Underlining the fact that Turkey and especially Antalya region, which is known as the Turkish Riviera having a great tourism potential, Surucuoglu says CoCo Tour and ‘s experience and infrastructure guarantees “more happiness” in your organization.

“CoCo Tour and are organizing private and institutional organizations. We pick you from your location, bring to Turkey and we plan all the details of this process on your behalf. We plan what you want to do besides the organization. You are the star, you will enjoy your travels and your organization. We focus on results for you to enjoy the process,” says Surucuoglu.

Semra Surucuoglu

Also organizing events and weddings in Greece, Spain and Italy, CoCo Tour and has a wide network. Surucuoglu invites Indian lovers to say “I do” in Turkey: “Indians have many reasons to choose us. We guarantee to perform their wedding in the most beautiful and splendid way. Secondly, they will find the finest examples of Indian cuisine here in Turkey! In addition, they will have the chance to experience Turkish cuisine as well. They will have an extraordinary wedding that they will never forget for a lifetime. CoCo Tour will also plan their honeymoon in Turkey or in another country. We guarantee to organize the whole process without errors.”

Surucuoglu says that the guests do not need to think about any setbacks: “We work with zero error. The reason why I speak so ambitious is our experiences and references. For example, one of our clients outside Turkey have done business in every country in Europe except Turkey. For the first time in 2012 CoCo Tour brought them to Turkey. Then in 2013, we brought them back. In 2014 and 2015 too. As CoCo, we have created such a strong confidence that many of our clients leave even the hotel selection to us. The reason why they chose us consistently was that their employee productivity increased at the end of CoCo organizations.”



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